Structural Steel Detailing Services

Engineering Geni is one of the leading structural steel detailing service providers. We cater to the needs of residential and commercial building owners.

Structural Steel Detailing Services - Contemporary Lifestyle

Structural steel detailing services involve detailed drawings of steel fabricators and steel erectors to be used in a certain building. Hence, structural steel detailing is the most intricate and austere service ever. 

You need to hire someone competent enough; who knows the importance of the lives residing in a building. Engineering Geni serves you the best for this purpose. Our exceptional structural steel detailing services outshine others.

In the process of structural steel detailing, detailed drawings are made for steel fabricators and steel erectors to use in the construction of bridges, buildings, and other structures. Steel detailers prepare detailed drawings, plans, and other documents; for the construction and assembling of beams, steel columns, trusses, braces, assorted steel like stairs or handrails, and girders. 

Engineering Geni stands out as the most reliable and trusted structural steel detailing company as we offer top-notch and precise structural steel detailing services. Our team possesses structural steel detailers who know how to create masterpieces with their expertise and professionalism. 

Engineering Geni offers the following types of drawings for structural steel detailing:

Erection Drawings

In the Erection Drawings, we cover beams, concrete footings, columns, bracings, decking, stairs, grating, ladders, connection details, and other structural components, which are for specific structures and beneficial for workforces in the field for the erectors and fabricators.

Assembly Drawings

Our Assembly Drawings include objects and the items to be consumed, with necessary information about the labels and sizes required for elevations with weld symbols, dimensions, bolt marks, notes, and bill of material.

Part Drawings

Our Part Drawings show fabrication information for a single component; comprising of part name, material type, angle of projection, necessary view, (left side, front, right side, bottom, top, back), drawing scale, isometric view, all necessary dimensions (depth, width height, size, etc.)

Structural Steel Design and Detailing are important phases in the construction of infrastructural projects. These phases make sure to strengthen the structure enough to bear all the loads and environmental conditions. Structural steel design involves identifying the size, shape, and layout of steel members, while steel detailing involves converting the designs and concepts into comprehensive plans and guidelines for the fabrication and erection of steel structures. As both phases are crucial and need the expertise to get constructed accurately and safely, it’s important to get structural steel design and detailing services from a reputable structural steel detailing company like Engineering Geni.

Engineering Geni values your lives; as our team of structural steel detailers is well-equipped with trailblazing expertise in the industry, we assure you reasonably priced extravagance. In addition to it; Engineering Geni works just like an extension of your team.

Engineering Geni has magnificently accomplished numerous structural steel detailing projects; for various clients in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors across the world. 

Being a leading structural steel detailing company we have the technical proficiency and dexterous personnel to manage steel detailing

Engineering GENI facilitates its clients with all BIM-related services such as rebar, 3D modeling, shop drawings, precast detailing, construction documentation, and quantity estimation and survey. 

Our competent steel detailers are well-versed in using software Tekla, AutoCAD, Revit, and Advance Steel.

In the contemporary world; where technology has prevailed; a hand-drawn structural drawing has no worth. Addressing the potential needs of a modern-day architect, business owner or general contractor Engineering Geni offers its modern-day structural steel detailing services by using modern software.  

We understand the convolutions of enormous structures. Working with other team members we have aided in design and detailing assistance for structures. Using our experience to promote modernization and proficiency; Engineering Geni figures out smart ways to tackle everything when issues arise.

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Structural Steel Detailing is the creation of in-depth drawings for steel erectors and steel fabricators to be used in the construction of bridges, buildings, and various other structures.

Steel detailing makes sure that steel structures are detailed and designed in agreement with industry standards, safety regulations, and building codes. The thorough drawings deliver information about connections, load capacities, and other thoughtful factors that may affect the safety of the structure.

Carbon steel is the most commonly used structural steel in today’s market. It is chiefly because of its various favorable properties, such as its strength and affordability.