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Rebar structural detailing services provided by Engineering Geni are merely par excellence. We serve commercial and residential building owners.

Structural Rebar Detailing Services- Own A Resilient Abode

Rebar (reinforcement bar or reinforcing bar) plays a pivotal role in the construction of buildings by increasing the ductile strength of concrete. Structural rebar detailing services are the most convoluted services provided by rebar detailers which should only be delegated to a most responsible and tactful company like Engineering Geni.

The rebar detailers interpret the rebar drawings and produce two drawings namely Rebar Shop Drawings and Bar Bending Schedule. The structural designers verify these two drawings before they get finalized for the construction process.

The rebar structural detailing team works meticulously with the structural engineer to comprehend the requirements of design and create precise and complete structural rebar detailing plans.

The prime aim of rebar detailing is to ensure that the rebar is properly placed within the concrete elements, such as columns, beams, walls, and slabs, to provide maximum support. This process includes the consideration of factors like spacing, rebar size, lap lengths, hooks, bends, anchorage requirements, and maximum cut length of rebar. 

The process of detailing also incorporates coordination with other trades, like plumbing and electrical, to ensure proper incorporation of the rebar within the complete structure. Structural rebar design and detailing services demand expertise and excellence, and at Engineering Geni, both are promised.

Engineering Gen provides up-to-the-mark structural rebar detailing services, drawing, and 3D modeling within the Rebar Detailing Services. We have veteran detailers having an awareness of both industry and international standards. We offer structural rebar detailing services for rebar fabricators, structural engineers, steel erectors, detailers, concrete contractors, and general contractors.

Our expert rebar detailers create rebar shop drawings which help the clients in installing rebar and placing the reinforcing steel at the site accurately. Our structural rebar design services are intended to efficiently identify and regulate the project workflows by the client and manage Rebar’s inventory. 

Engineering Geni proffers Structural Rebar design and detailing services to all sorts of structures like stadiums, huge foundations, railway structures, bridges, commercial buildings, residential buildings, skyscrapers, shopping malls, etc.

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Rebar is the short form of short for “reinforcement bar” or reinforcing bar. It is a metal bar that helps to increase the ductile strength of concrete. Consequently; it helps concrete structures endure torsion,

tensile bending and shearing loads.

A rebar detailer creates the drawings which make the field workforces,( known as rod men, or placers) understand the position of the bar placement earlier to the concrete pouring process. This process is done by gathering information from the drawing of a structural engineer.

The prime purpose behind putting rebar in concrete is to escalate the tensile strength of the concrete, which helps to resist cracking and breaking. With greater tensile strength, concrete is better able to resist breaking under tension.

The reason behind avoiding the welding of rebar is that; the expansion and contraction rates of concrete and rebar are different in the final piece. Hence; rebar is welded together; it will form pressure points where the concrete may crack.

Rebar has a lifespan of 100 years. After about 100 years and the complete erosion of the zinc, the carbon rebar itself erodes and paves the way for the failure of concrete; for the reason that failure of the rebar leads to endangered or deteriorating structural capacity.