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Seeing the luxurious and breath-taking houses in the magazines and movies has made us feel insecure about our own. Well, not anymore.Whether it’s a residential project or commercial, home, hotel or office, or an institutional project like hospitals and schools, you can get the best  Architectural 3D rendering services by Engineering Geni at the most affordable rates. So, achieve your dreams today and let us work for you to make it possible. 


“Home is not a place; it’s a feeling.” We all dream about having a home, both luxurious and comfortable. But what it takes to have your dream home is just detailed attention. Well, Architectural 3D rendering has made it easy for you, and Engineering Geni is the best stop for it. 

Architectural 3D Rendering is the formation of 3D photorealistic images of the project, to make clients understand what they are about to get. It shows the project’s final look to gain clients’  satisfaction. This has helped architects  visualize the project from every angle and dimension possible, and reveal even the minute details to the customers. 

Now, Architectural 3D Renderings can be:


This 3D Interior architectural rendering is used to create the 3D lifelike images of the project’s interior; from the furniture to the decor. It helps clients visualize where and how the furnishings should be done.


This architectural rendering involves the 3D images of the project’s exterior. It provides a better imagination to clients of how it will look from the outside. Every single detail of the outdoor environment would be shown in the exterior rendering like trees, garden, swimming pools and other outdoor features.


The aerial rendering is the 3D image or videos of the project, made from the top. It gives a bird’s-eye view of the project, from a different angle.

The reasons that can’t be ignored for why is Architectural 3D rendering essential are:

Broad Vision:

The digital 3D images of the project will give you a clear understanding and broader vision from every angle possible.


Through the Architectural 3D rendering, you can modify and make changes in the project whenever you want, without wasting money and time. If you need anything to be changed in the project, just let the architect know and they will do it exactly how you want it to be.


Despite all the other benefits, accuracy is the important one. The architectural 3D plan provides a plan as accurate as possible.The use of softwares and technological advancements has made it possible, making your final product free from error and faults.

Enhances Understanding:

Architectural 3D rendering helps enhance the understanding of the project. Every space, interior and exterior; from every angle and dimension will be shown to the customer to give them a detailed view of their project.


Architectural 3D rendering is an efficient work, as it saves time and money, achieving an error less project in the end.

Choosing Engineering Geni for the Architectural 3D rendering services can be beneficial for the following reasons:

In architecture; CAD or computer-aided design services play a vital role. Through arc

Work Effectively

The Engineering Geni’s team work smartly and efficiently, without wasting time, using their skills in the best way possible.


High-quality services with cheap rates are rare to find. Engineering Geni cares about your budget and provides pocket friendly services, keeping the charges low as much as we can.


The workers are highly skilled and experts in their specific architectural fields, with vast knowledge and experience of years.

Work Cooperatively

We prefer clients’ satisfaction and ensure cooperation with you by enhanced communication, understanding your preferences and work according to your taste.

Positive Attitude

Engineering Geni is known for its positive attitude towards the clients. You tell us what you want and we’ll help you in this journey of achieving it, with a broad smile on our faces.


You hate pending work and late schedules? So do us. We promise speedy services and punctuality, finishing your project on time.


We care about your privacy as much as you do and take the responsibility to protect it. Your data or project information won’t be shared with anybody else.

Within Budget

By hiring the construction management services, all the tasks of your project will be done within budget, not exceeding the expected construction cost.

On time

Out of many advantages, another important one is that your project work does not get delayed and will be completed on time. The construction management service takes care of all the problems that could become the reason for your project’s delay.​

Top quality

The Construction Project management assures high quality services and the use of finest material. If you are paying for the Construction Management service, then don’t get worried about anything else.

Careful analysis

By hiring the construction management services, all the tasks of your project will be done within budget, not exceeding the expected construction cost.

Calculated work

From the start to the end, everything will be calculated. The schedule, cost, material and the completion time, all will be planned before even the construction begins.

Hassle free

The construction project management service will look after all the tasks and the problems, providing you a hassle free construction experience.

The purpose of the Architectural 3D rendering is to create colored realistic images, showing the inside and outside of the project, revealing small details and making it easier for the clients to make changes before the construction.

As every project would be different in the size and complexity,the cost would be different too. But charging hourly is the most used and effective paying method in architectural rendering as it demands time and effort.

The benefit of architectural 3D rendering is that it saves your money and efforts in the long run. You can easily point out flaws in the images and change them according to your preferences.

The Architectural 3D rendering can take days to weeks, depending on the complexity and size of the project.

Yes, the work is being done through technologies and softwares so it leaves no space for error and flaws. The final results of your project would be perfect, with zero-error.