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Engineering Geni offers top-notch architectural drafting services to varied clients. We offer services to small businesses, individuals, real estates, etc.

Architectural Drafting Services - Enhance Your Lifestyle

They say; “home is where the heart is”. Architectural drafting services turn your dream home into a reality.  Architectural drafting is the art of turning people’s ideas into proper drawings; that can be executed in the form of a building .These drawings are generally called drafts.

As this fast-paced world is moving forward, rushing towards advancement many things have left behind and the others have won the sprint; that is technology. The demand for computer-generated architectural designs, construction designs and filing has been increasing day by day.

Smart Use of Technology in Architecture

In this era of technology; most of the building departments do not accept hand-drawn filing drawings even in cases where a seal is not required. Professionals and individuals are striving to get assisted for design and drafting. On a brighter side; working with technology saves you both time and money and makes the procedure of architecture hustle free for you; if you work with the right team.

Our Architectural Practices

Engineering Geni thrives to surpass your expectations by keeping up with technology and executing our architectural and design knowledge on the projects in hand. We have a team of seasoned architects that can smartly create different types of architectural drawings, such as site drawings, concept drawings, and structural drawings, depending on your requirements.

Our Tech-Savvy Approach

Our impregnable understanding of construction methods and code requirements make us produce up-to-code drafts and functionally and technically accurate architectural drawings. Our main objective is to craft accurate and detailed architectural drawings which can make the construction and filing process move along slickly and that you, as a client, are satisfied with the final product. We ensure that our drafts represent exactly what you imagined, and meet all the basic requirements to come to execution.

Residential Construction Documents

Your home is our prime responsibility. Engineering Geni is here to make construction drawings for your home-built. We generate filing-ready construction documents to meet your specifications.

Construction Étiquettes

Construction documents are the fundamental documents in the design-build process, since they contain an accretion of all the vital information to move forward with contracts for builders. Our construction drawings include all the essential information about the necessary materials for your home build, as well as the specifications for the methodology for construction.

The Pivotal Role of Residential Construction Documents

Residential construction documents are of high importance. Your residential construction documents include all the required information for contractors to acquire materials and begin the build. We draft construction documents, including structural drawings, mechanical plans, electrical plans, plumbing plans, landscaping plans, site plans, other infrastructure plans, and all the other important documents. The good news is; your contractors will have all the information necessary to acquire materials and begin the construction process. Moreover; as we mentioned above, your construction documents will be passable to file.

Commercial Construction Documents

Commercial construction is a complex process . So to put it mildly; commercial construction documents are intricate. In the second place, every document may require numerous adjustments to make it suitable for filing and contract purposes. Although; to share the glad tidings; Engineering Geni is here to make construction documents’ drafting simple. We work with architects, designers, developers, and contractors to draft all the commercial construction documents for your forthcoming build.

Our Commitment

Our team makes sure that your drawings are up to code, containing construction instructions, material purchase orders, and other necessary information. We will vouch that all of your construction drawings are prepared for filing.

Quick, Effortless, and Cost-Effective

We can draft various drawings, depending on your requirements, including structural drawings, electrical plans, mechanical plans, plumbing plans, landscaping plans, infrastructure plans, other site plans, and any other essential documents. While working with Engineering Geni, creating a complete construction document is effortless, quick and affordable. We help to make even the largest projects; easily attainable.

Commercial & Residential Filing Drawings

Filing your drawings is a really challenging task because while filing, you have to fulfill an infinite number of requirements. A proper set of plans will include various construction documents, including architectural drawings, structural plans, excavation drawings, plumbing drawings, mechanical plans, and other infrastructure documents. It simply means that you will have to compile an intricate catalog of drawings to properly file and apply for building approval. We make that process simple. Creating filing drawings can be challenging for an untrained draftsman but you can blindly trust Engineering Geni to complete your drawings and plans. We can ensure that they are up to the mark, meeting the standards set forth by your local government.

A home is made up of lots of intricate feelings; so is the case with the building of a home. You cannot make a perfect design merely by hand; instead you need numerous tools for this purpose, which not only determine the right dimensions but also decide the correct building codes and budget.

We provide the following architectural drafting and design services:

Architectural Layouts

CD Set

Residential Construction Documents

Elevation Drawings

Commercial Construction Documents

As-Built Drawings

Commercial & Residential Filing Drawings

Architectural Markup Plans

Concept Drawings and Presentation Drawings

Building Sectional Drawings

Mill-Work Drawings

Floor and Roof Plans

When you want to construct a residential building, a healthcare building or any commercial structure; you need the best architectural drafting firm services outsourcing and fortunately Engineering Geni has got you covered.

Do you want to know why?

People who are planning to construct , modernize or remodel their residential buildings

Small business owners who want to build or renovate their commercial or office buildings

Healthcare organizations who want to form, mend , renew their healthcare clinics or hospital

When you want to construct a residential building, a healthcare building or any commercial structure; you need the best architectural drafting services and fortunately Engineering Geni has got you covered.

Do you want to know why?

We have skilled craftsmen who know how to exceed our customers’ expectations at all times

Our employees work on results-driven software, such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, etc.

Confidentiality is the key in every matter. Contracting with us; your project information is in safe hands

We have a high scalability ratio; which means no matter whenever your plan changes, we are ready to meet your demands.

Within Budget

By hiring the construction management services, all the tasks of your project will be done within budget, not exceeding the expected construction cost.

On time

Out of many advantages, another important one is that your project work does not get delayed and will be completed on time. The construction management service takes care of all the problems that could become the reason for your project’s delay.​

Top quality

The Construction Project management assures high quality services and the use of finest material. If you are paying for the Construction Management service, then don’t get worried about anything else.

Careful analysis

By hiring the construction management services, all the tasks of your project will be done within budget, not exceeding the expected construction cost.

Calculated work

From the start to the end, everything will be calculated. The schedule, cost, material and the completion time, all will be planned before even the construction begins.

Hassle free

The construction project management service will look after all the tasks and the problems, providing you a hassle free construction experience.

Determines the types of materials needed and calculates the quantity to be ordered.

Architectural drafting is the process of turning an idea into a proper plan.As a result, skilled workers can create buildings.

An architect performs the following tasks

  •         An architect categorizes structural, electrical, and mechanical designs.
  •         Drafts plans for foundations, buildings, and structures based on instructions provided by the engineers and architects.
  • Visits sites to gather data needed to complete designs.

Yes, architects create plans according to the client’s requirements.

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