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Your architecture needs to be perfect and Engineering Geni is the best stop for you to take your exterior to a whole new level. Stop worrying about the architectural flaws and let us do it for you!

Upgrade your home with our top-grade 3D exterior rendering services

“There’s no place like home”; A truth that we’ve heard multiple times. But what actually a Home is? Home is a place where you spend most of the hours of your day; years and even lives. It should be a place of your ease and comfort. And your home deserves to be the best. From architecture to the furniture, from exterior to interior, it deserves flawlessness. Engineering Geni provides the 3D exterior services to make your home as you want it to be.

Before getting into the details of the services they provide, let’s have a look at what actually is 3D exterior rendering?

Exterior rendering indicates the procedure of creating photorealistic 3D images into visual representation of the exterior spaces. Whether it’s the residential building or commercial, a perfect exterior rendering is demanded. It is the most significant feature of Architectural Visualization industry. Any mistake or flaw can easily be detected by architects through this; unlike the drawings and sketches. It also provides a clear view and details from every angle and ensures zero error.

The use of Exterior rendering can be seen almost everywhere. From school buildings, hotels, offices and residential areas, building a flawless project without it is impossible. It’s widely used by


The 3D exterior rendering is mostly used by Architects to adjust and alter changes in the project while building. It gives them an opportunity to present their clients the actual product before it is even built. The clients can have a better view and detail from every angle about what comfort they are about to get.


3D exterior rendering proves to be beneficial for the builders as it gives them a clear idea and instruction of how to begin their work. It makes it convenient for them to work that’s all sorted. They collaborate with architects to inform if any flaw is found.

Real estate Agencies:

3D exterior rendering helps real estate managers to show their clients attractive images of the buildings that will captivate their attention. Through this, they promote and try to sell their properties.

Engineering Geni helps creating beautiful architecture from scratch assuring 100% authenticity. The services they provide that makes them preferable in the 3D exterior rendering are:

Use of Technology:

In this technological dominant world; everybody is looking for the convenient and hassle-free work. Engineering Geni provides 3D exterior rendering services that will save your effort and time in the long run ensuring the accuracy your project needs.

Pocket friendly:

In this competitive world and having a lot of options, everybody looks for the budget friendly options. Engineering Geni provides services keeping your financial conditions in view.


Engineering Geni has a great working record and experience of years. They have vast knowledge about the 3D exterior renderings that they implement to meet the clients’ need.

Assuring Quality and Privacy:

Engineering Geni provides top-notch quality in an affordable budget and ensures the privacy of your work


Engineering Geni cooperates with you in every step of your home journey, giving their best possible efforts to make it as beautiful as you want it to be.

Within Budget

By hiring the construction management services, all the tasks of your project will be done within budget, not exceeding the expected construction cost.

On time

Out of many advantages, another important one is that your project work does not get delayed and will be completed on time. The construction management service takes care of all the problems that could become the reason for your project’s delay.​

Top quality

The Construction Project management assures high quality services and the use of finest material. If you are paying for the Construction Management service, then don’t get worried about anything else.

Careful analysis

By hiring the construction management services, all the tasks of your project will be done within budget, not exceeding the expected construction cost.

Calculated work

From the start to the end, everything will be calculated. The schedule, cost, material and the completion time, all will be planned before even the construction begins.

Hassle free

The construction project management service will look after all the tasks and the problems, providing you a hassle free construction experience.

3D exterior rendering is the process of creating the photorealistic images into reality. It gives you an imagination of how your project is going to be like when it’s done. It’s a three-dimensional that gives you a clear view from each side.

The cost would totally depend upon the design and delivery time of your project. Whether it’s a commercial or residential building, the cost would be different. 

The time of 3D exterior rendering depend upon your project but it takes approximately 2-3 weeks. If you want it early, it can be negotiated. Engineering Geni promises punctuality.

It might seem expensive to most of the people because it needs skilled and professional workers, advanced technologies for an error less project, powerful hardware and software and time consumption. Still, Engineering Geni assures the affordability they can provide to the customers without compromising on the quality.