SAFE Structure Designs - Your Buildings are in SAFE Hands

Engineering Geni uses the contemporary SAFE structure designs to develop modern buildings, including residential and commercial buildings.

SAFE Structure Designs- Keep Pace with the New World Of High-tech Building Designs

In civil engineering: SAFE structure design software is a crucial tool for structural designing of single story buildings to skyscrapers. Engineer Geni strives to surpass your expectations and provide you with a dream-home experience through SAFE structure designs.

SAFE benefits from every feature of the engineering design process as engineers can frame an array of layouts alongside detailed drawings without issues. 

With Safe, engineers can take advantage of numerous industry standard controls and shortcuts appropriately. Furthermore, they can enhance their modeling experiences using drawing and drafting utilities provided in SAFE software.

SAFE provides plenty of templates in order to start a new model, inclusive of two-way slabs, flat slabs, waffle slabs, base mats, composite floors, ribbed slabs and combined or single footings.

Grids are commonly known as Cartesian, general free-form grid systems in SAFE. The best thing about grids is, they can be easily placed and rotated in any direction within the model.

Below is the structural designing process through SAFE  designing software.

Base mats, Footings and Foundations

As far as modeling base mats, foundations, and mats are concerned, SAFE is the go-to-option. Through uplift analysis, SAFE perfectly models soil supports and zero tension soil models.

Insertion Points

Engineers also take advantage of insertion points to explain equalizers for beams and columns. They can be easily founded on user-defined dimensions. Likewise, they can be explained on swift SAFE-defined cardinal points.

Ramps and Walls

Ramps and walls may be sculpted as line supports or line loads, Ramps and walls can also be overtly modeled with wall elements.

Spring Supports

In the context of structural engineering, spring supports or elastic supports play a key role in understanding soil support . They are considered as points, areas, and lines. Moreover, they can work in tension or compression exclusively.


SAFE has various columns like T-shaped, circular, rectangular, L-shaped or general. Through SAFE, engineers can create rigid zones, safeguarding floors from bending around the columns.

Design Strips

Design strips help engineers in calculating how much reinforcement (extra material or resource) is required. Through SAFE structure design software; they can define the strips themselves or SAFE can mechanically define the strips for them.

Automatic Width Strips

The widths of design strips may be determined mechanically by SAFE. In addition to it; for more complex designs; the widths of design strips may be determined manually.

General Design Strips

SAFE comprehensively supports numerous types of strips, such as non-orthogonal, varying with design, multi-segment, and orthogonal strips.

Engineering Geni stands out in civil engineering for the following reasons:

Specialists’ structural engineering support for floor and foundation designs

Top-notch structural designing services in a cost-effective way

Tenacious checking process for apt results

Within Budget

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On time

Out of many advantages, another important one is that your project work does not get delayed and will be completed on time. The construction management service takes care of all the problems that could become the reason for your project’s delay.​

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By hiring the construction management services, all the tasks of your project will be done within budget, not exceeding the expected construction cost.

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Hassle free

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Design moments contain twisting moments as required by the Wood-Armor technique while strip moments only contain the cohesive flexural moments m11 and/or m22.

It is an absolute truth that the SAFE software checks one-way shear in two-way slabs. This check consists of design strips, and follows a procedure like beam shear design.

Forces are converted to coordinate with the striped axis; when design strips do not align with the area axis. One should rotate the area axis such that it is parallel to the strip axis; if results become distorted.